We're adding intelligence to consumer products.

Because we want people to do more, do new, do Interesting things with them.

Do More, Do New, Do Interesting

a seamless fashion experience

from discovering exciting products to using them in interesting ways,
the intelligence we build, stays with you throughout. Experience poshaq with the brands we work with.


Find the next great peice to add to your wardrobe? Search less, Discover more.


Buy with confidence. Know what you need to make a buying decision.


Get the maximum out of the products you've bought. Live your style. Style your life.

   poshaq for retailers

Transforming Sales & User Engagement

We’re adding intelligence to fashion products through our fashion first & algorithms powered platform. Our platform touches customers throughout their journey, delivering unmatched ways to increase sales & engagement, average order value, selling unsold inventory, automate marketing campaigns, repeat customers and more.

We love solving tough problems

How to improve product discovery - site searches, search engine rankings & product tagging ?

People want to imagine how a product will look overall? How will it fit their bodies & occasions they go to? Can your store be the stylist?

How to go beyond loyalty point schemes to bring back customers?

How not to sell orange boots to someone who just bought them?

What other methods than discounts could you use to sell overstocks ?

Good companies sell products, Great companies sell experiences.

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